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African Sunrise
African Sunrise

If you are a lover of learning, travelling, passionate or curious about different cultures and my beautiful African continent, which I take so much pride in and love so much, then perchance this blog is for you…I am very grateful to be raised in a traditional home that celebrated and embraced our traditions and customs and also allowed us to walk our own journey. The day I stepped out on my own journey to wholeheartedly embrace all that is African, I realized how much we, as a people, have lost our identity. I began to consume all that I could get my hands on about our ancient civilizations and customs but soon realized that I am surrounded by what I am searching for…let me slow down and simply go back to my upbringing and into my own backyard to learn from current life experiences and listen to the wisdom of my elders. To study our rich past  and struggles and how we eventually got here. You see someone from outside seeing Africa in their own eyes and writing about us from their own perceptions, misconceptions and stereotypes has always disturbed me a little, because to me, most of these writings were not of the Africa I know and live.Through my journey and experiences I will be sharing in this blog, you will get to see and know Africa from an African.


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  1. Interesting and captivating intro. Just yesterday a friend and I were lamenting the dearth of local Afrikans documenting our stories and history.

    1. Thank you Rra, from their documentations as well as our surroundings we hope the current and upcoming generation can read and rewrite our stories.

  2. Greeting Sis Thenji
    Let me congratulate you such encouragouis,brave and inspiring move. Where will be unlearning and relearning to be progressive.I would suggest you could have podcast that you can do with your future guest.

    I saw travel icon I assume you will be amazing areas within the continent we could visit. And maybe share African different recipes.

    In a nutshell I believe you will writing about almost everything that affect an African child. Though engaging Africans from all direction.
    All the BEST!

    1. Thank you bhuti, a Podcast is a great idea thank you for this suggestion. Yes, our continent is so beautiful and all parts need to be visited. I am looking forward to share my experiences and from surroundings.

  3. Thank you sis T (as an African -how I relate to people older than I). I look forward to to the revelation of our true identity as Africa. Ndiyabulela sisi for this. Please do keep sharing!

  4. I can’t wait to read more of your messages. I was also raised in a family that observes customs but I didn’t understand some

    1. Great step Manjilo, looking forward to consuming your content!

    2. I can relate to this, we would just be “present” without being present only now i realized the deepness, meaning and purpose of all those customs.

  5. Wow! This will be a great journey. Will it be a journey into the past or the future? I am also passionate about being an African. However, I see so much called African with no roots in Africa. It will be exciting to learn from you.

  6. Firstly congratulations Sis Thenji on starting your blog, this is the beginning of a journey self discovery for many and I am looking forward to learning about Africa from an African perspective.

  7. Thank you for this beautiful peace look forward to more

  8. We exist during times losing your identify has become so easy. We know who we are but our generation will soon pass And if our children are not taught who we are or rather who they are they will have nothing to pass on to their offsprings.
    Well done Thenji , great start and looking forward to more content…

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