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My heart was filled with so much joy when I saw the two lines. At that moment, a whole lot of emotions were felt. Those two lines did not guarantee a happy ending, but I was excited. I felt so much joy and anxiety. I wanted to shout it out to the whole world, but not just yet. We, as women, have been crowned with the privilege of carrying and bringing life into this world. And the emotions are so overwhelming. The most amazing thing is how everything you feel comes from the core of your being. When you laugh, it comes from the deepest part of your soul. When you cry, tears just flow like they are from the biggest of waterfalls, though they last but for a moment. When you are angry, you express it sincerely and honestly, and at that moment – in a split of a second – you forget, forgive and move on. For me that was amazing and a real reminder that we have the purest forms of being inside of us. If only we could be able to live and practice that in our lives daily.

While the life you are carrying inside of you continues to grow, your body changes physically and it also prepares you for all that is to come. You have moments when you love how your body looks and also moments when you love to hate it (but deep inside or subconsciously, you love it). When the day finally comes, the excitement, anxiety, joy and fear are at their peak. That first cry you hear changes everything. The lights in the room are brighter, the sounds of everything and everyone else soften, and all you hear is the cry of the precious soul you have just delivered. The joy is overwhelming. I swear I could hear his heartbeat from a distance even before I could hold him. When I finally held him, I experienced love in a new way no words could explain. He was so perfect and so beautiful. I kissed the chubby cheeks – big and yet so tiny that my lips covered one whole cheek. Tears flowed that day – enough for both my husband and myself. These were tears of joy. 

Today those two lines of hope have grown into an overtly excited three-year-old boy named Oaikanyega Luyanda. Oh, what a blessing and overwhelming joy that he now has a little brother (Thokgamo Bayanda). I am in awe at how they looked so much alike at their infancy, and yet so different in character. Their first names come from their father’s Tswana upbringing in Mahikeng and their second names from my “Xhosa” (well not quite but I will leave it here for now) upbringing where I was born and raised in the beautiful hills and valleys of a village called eLubhacweni in Mount Frere, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Birthing these precious humans has given me a new meaning to life, it has made me strive to be a better human being. To teach them who they truely are, where they come from and to fully bask in the true spirit of uBuntu, to embrace wholly who they are. To do all this and be an inspiration I need to be sure of who I am, where I am from. It has pushed me to break my boundaries and to fully take in the true essence of being African, because children do what we do and not what we tell them to do.

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  1. This is absolutely beautiful. Can’t wait to see more content from you ♥️

  2. Woooow dis is soo beautiful and very inspiring I love dis blog 🥰🥰

  3. You raised amazing points, keep up the good work sana!

  4. A wonderful experience for every woman. Having that precious gift that knows your heart from inside

  5. So Lovestruck…Please keep it coming. Ndiyabulela sis T🙏🏾.

  6. Not a mum myself or have ever been pregnant but what you just described there is an enigma only a mother would understand . Love is such a beautiful thing and you’re doing a good job raising your boys to understand their roots. I hope they will one day read these posts and get to understand how much they are loved and how lucky they’re to have a mum like you!

  7. Beautifully written Cuz…..I know the joy and hope brought by those 2 lines…….please continue writing and I will continue being the happy reader.

  8. Oh man my precious nephews full of energy, what a blessing to the family at large that’s full of girls. And congratulations mntase this is a beautiful read, especially in the morning. I usually wake up an listen to my thoughts and body before getting out of bed. Now I have something to read that will fill my heart with joy and my mind with knowledge.

  9. ❤️ this is beautiful sis.
    Your journey is truly inspiring.
    I want to be a mother just like you one day.

  10. You just took me from 1 line to two lines just like that 🙂…cause we may not all have experienced the birth of a baby but everyday we are pregnant with our dreams and things we wanna achieve. Those two boys are truly blessed to have you as their mother.

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